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Matteo Zauli and Aida Bertozzi will take you on a journey through art, design and decoration.

Ceramics and nature

Examining how ceramic works can be used as a means to raise awareness of our planet.

A day at the museum

Matteo Zauli will be your guide for the day and will help you get a real understanding of this space, which has been dedicated to art since the...

Scheduled courses

A day at the museum

This isn’t just a workshop though; it’s a complete experience, with guided tours, anecdotes, a short journey through contemporary art, experiments with clay and, for the experts, the thrill of being in a place where one can actually breathe the history of ceramics.
Duration: 8 hours
Target: everybody
Tutors: Ennio Ballabene, Matteo Zauli
Location: Zauli Museum
From 9am to 1pm theory with Matteo Zauli:
- introduction
- guided tour of the Carlo Zauli Museum
- brief history of contemporary developments, based on works seen
- drinks in the exhibition space

From 2pm to 6pm practical application with Matteo Zauli and Ennio Ballabene:
- basic techniques
- the potter’s wheel
- experimenting with clay, improvisation and performance
Number of participants: 8 – 16
Cost per participant: € 125 (including VAT)
Cost includes:
- material
- guided tour of museum
- a Carlo Zauli Museum catalogue
- drinks
Overnight stay and breakfast € 40.00 in double room


Cooking class

Gourmet Faenza: fine food and cookery classes