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Matteo Zauli and Aida Bertozzi will take you on a journey through art, design and decoration.

Ceramics and nature

Examining how ceramic works can be used as a means to raise awareness of our planet.

A day at the museum

Matteo Zauli will be your guide for the day and will help you get a real understanding of this space, which has been dedicated to art since the...

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International Museum of Ceramics

Founded in 1908, it is the largest collection of ceramics and pottery in the world. The different rooms unveil the culture of ceramics on all five Continents through the centuries and in Italy and Europe from the Middle Ages to the 19th Century.

Major sections are also dedicated to Pre-Colombian America, ancient Greece, Roman era and to the Middle and Far East. Other spaces are dedicated to the ceramics art of some major artists from the 20th century and modern times, both Italian and foreign, such as Chagall and Picasso.

The Museum houses a specialised library, a worshop called “Playing with Art” used for hands-on and learning sessions based on Bruno Munari’s teaching method as well as a restoration department.  In the bookshop you can find all the publications by the Museum as well as a wide array of specialized books on ceramics and pottery and a selection of objects made by local craftsmen. In 2011, the MIC was awarded the “Messenger of Peace Monument” title as “Expression of Ceramics Art in the World”.


Cooking class

Gourmet Faenza: fine food and cookery classes