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Matteo Zauli and Aida Bertozzi will take you on a journey through art, design and decoration.

Ceramics and nature

Examining how ceramic works can be used as a means to raise awareness of our planet.

A day at the museum

Matteo Zauli will be your guide for the day and will help you get a real understanding of this space, which has been dedicated to art since the...

Scheduled courses


Learn about basic ceramic decorating techniques and create your own bespoke tea service decoration, taking inspiration from contemporary art.
Duration: 10 hours
Decorate and take home your own bespoke tea service
Target: everybody
Tutors: Aida Bertozzi, Matteo Zauli
Location: Zauli Museum
Day 1
From 9am to 1pm: theory with Matteo Zauli
- guided tour of Carlo Zauli Museum
- short explanation of decoration, art, design and ceramic techniques
- brainstorm decorating techniques, which can then be applied in practical lessons
From 2pm to 6pm: practical lessons with Aida Bertozzi
- basic decorating techniques
- tea service decoration
Day 2
From 9am to 1pm : guided tour of International Museum of Ceramics
From 3pm to 61pm : free / trip to the ceramic workshops (optional)
Day 3 from 9:30am to 12:30pm
- collect pottery
- farewell drinks
Number of participants: 8 – 12
Cost per participant: € 185 incl. VAT
Cost includes:
- tea service and teapot
- guided tour of museum
- Zauli Museum catalogue
- guided tour of International Museum of Ceramics
- farewell drinks
Three nights B&B € 120.00 in a double room


Cooking class

Gourmet Faenza: fine food and cookery classes